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Everything You Need To Know About Bike Tune-Ups

A bike tune-up is like tuning a musical instrument. To do this intricate job a qualified and skilled mechanic is required, who can listen carefully to the tweaks of the bike and examine it with judicious touch. Read this blog to know everything about Bike Tune-Ups...

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Top 7 Biking Routes in Ottawa

Ottawa, the federal capital city of Canada has the high-spirited culture of biking. Among numerous pathways we have listed down the Top 7 biking routes in Ottawa for you to have the ultimate biking experience.

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Why You Should Buy a New Bike Instead of a Used Bike

If you're new to cycling, it makes sense to buy new. If you've been around cycling for a while, you'll probably still want buy new. Why you ask? Lets go through the reason riders should be buying new vs used. What to look for when buying a bike Ask yourself the...

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Why Your Kid Should Learn to Ride a Bike

It’s not just in Ottawa that bike shop owners and employees will give you many reason why kids should learn to ride a bike—and I can tell you it’s not for the purpose of making more sales either. Learning to ride a bike is considered to be a key developmental...

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Why Ottawa Is a Great Place to Get an E-Bike

A few years ago it was almost unheard of to know someone who owns an e-bike. Since then they’ve grown in popularity and it’s not uncommon to see a few riders sporting e-bikes on the pathways across North America. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should get an e-bike...

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