10 Health Benefits of Bike Riding:

Aug, 2020
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Bike riding is the best way to get physically active plus to stay fit and healthy. It is a low-impact workout that can be availed by everyone. Bike riding is suitable age group. Apart from being the best physical exercise, bike riding is scientifically proven to provide a whole set of other health benefits as well. We have written down 10 health benefits of Bike riding to enlighten the importance of this exercise.

Bicycling is the earth-friendly, cheap, and fun mode of transportation. Regular bike riding has tons of amazing health benefits like boosting the immune system and reversing the aging effects. it also protects from several health conditions like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, arthritis, and many more problems related to the inactive lifestyle.

Characteristics of Bike Riding:

Biking is the most efficient process to achieve an overall improvement in health. It just takes 2 to 4 hours of cycling a week to show the results. The main features of bike riding are listed below:

  • Safe and low impact: There is minimum risk of injuries and strain in cycling as compared to other forms of exercise.
  • Great muscle workout: pedaling utilizes all the major muscles. Therefore, regular cycling leads to muscle development and a stronger body.
  • Simple technique: It is the easiest form of sport. It doesn’t require a high level of physical and mental skills. The interesting fact about bike riding is “once you learn to ride a bike, you will never forget it all your life”.
  • Increase stamina: Bike riding is an awesome way to build up stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness.
  • Variable intensity: The intensity can be set at the lowest, to begin with. Then it can gradually be increased according to the demand of physical workout.
  • A fun-filled activity: Bike riding is the fun and adventurous way to get fit.
  • Smart choice: Biking can be used smartly as a mode of transport. Bike riding replaces the sedentary time spent in other vehicles with healthy exercise time.

Major Physical Benefits of Bike Riding

Before diving into the health benefits of bike riding, let us have a look at the main physical perks of it.

  1. No pain for joints: During biking, all of the bodyweights of the rider are put on the pelvis bones. It keeps the joints relaxed and painless.
  2. Pedaling, anaerobic exercise: When the pedals are pushed, the body releases the feel-good chemicals known as “Endorphins”. They are great for the brain and blood vessels. These chemicals also give the feeling of being young at heart.
  3. Develops muscles: During the downstroke (power phase) muscles of buttocks, thighs, and calves are used. While during the back, up, and over stroke (recovery phase) hamstring muscles at the back of thighs are used. Other muscles that are utilized and developed while bike riding include abdominal, arms, and shoulders to keep balance, staying upright, and to hold the handlebars respectively.
  4. Strengthens the bones: During pedaling the muscles are pulled. That eventually pushes the bones, increasing bone density.

10 Health Benefits of Bike Riding:

Health benefits of bike riding

Generally, it is known to everyone that biking is an outstanding method of exercise. Bike riding fulfills the purpose of recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. In other words, the advantages of bike riding are almost endless. We have listed down 10 health benefits of bike riding in this blog, leading to a happier and healthier life.

1. Mental Wellbeing:

Among numerous exercises, bike riding also causes the mood to elevate. The mechanism involves the release of adrenaline and endorphins. Regular bike riding can reduce mental health conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety.

According to a research study, bike riding increases brainpower. It helps to avoid Alzheimer’s in the elderly and shows positive effects. The study also explains how daily biking can reduce the levels of Cortisol in the brain. Lowered cortisol results in lowered depression symptoms and anxiety

As bike riding is a combination of physical workout plus outdoor exploration, it provides some personal space. This is an amazing opportunity to think over worries and concerns, and to figure out the positive solutions to the issues.

2. Obesity And Weightloss:

Bike riding is a perfect exercise for weight reduction. It raises the metabolic rate, burns calories, and builds up muscles. However, bike riding for weight loss should be combined with a healthy diet plan.

The simple mechanism of reducing weight is “calories out must exceed calories in”. Biking can burn 400 to 1000 calories per hour. The amount of burned calories is dependent on the rider’s weight and the intensity of the workout. As it is a low impact exercise it can be done for an extended time with proper healthy meal plans.

According to a study, regular bike riding for 6 months lost 12% of the rider’s body weight even without dietary restrictions. This study also illustrated that biking proves to be more effective than walking and swimming for weight loss.

3. Decrease the Risk of Cancer: 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves regular exercise, healthy body weight, and a balanced diet. All these combined factors lead to a lowered risk of cancer. There is no treatment but bike riding helps to lower the chances of getting cancer in the first place.

A study shows that opting for bike riding as a means of commuting to work can lower the risk of cancer up to 45%. More significantly decreases the mortality rate from the ailment. Another study illustrates that regular cycling at moderate-high intensity reduces the risk of breast cancer.

4. Good for The Heart: 

The risk of heart diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack can be reduced with regular bike riding. It improves the heart, lungs, and circulation. A study shows how bike riding lowers the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. Another study illustrates that there is an average of 15% reduction in chances of heart attacks in bikers as compared to those who do not ride a bike.

Bike riding strengthens the cardiac muscles, reduces the pulse rate, and decreases blood fat levels. As the bike riders are less exposed to pollution so their lung functions are also improved.

5. Lessens Stress:

We are all aware of the stressful traffic conditions in rush hours on the way to and from work. Those who commute to work by bike are spared from this extra stress. They also prove themselves to be more productive at work. This study shows that individuals who work out regularly can handle acute stress more efficiently. As a result reducing the risk of mental illness which is caused by chronic stress.

6. Combats Diabetes: 

Insufficient physical activity is causing an increase in serious public health problems including type 2 diabetes. Exercising and physical activities prove to be useful in combating various diseases and reduces the chances of getting sick as you age. This study provides evidence that regular bike riding can decrease the risk of initiation of diabetes.

7. Slows Rate of Aging: 

One of the best benefits of bike riding is that It can have major anti-aging effects. If you want to look and feel younger, get on your bike for a high-intensity workout. The high-intensity exercise increases the mitochondrial capacity. So to boost the anti-aging effect at the cellular level, opt to bike riding to rejuvenate mitochondrial functions.

8. Boosts Libido: 

Bike riders are perceived as more intelligent and cooler than non-bikers. But there is a myth that regular bike riding causes sexual dysfunction. The research proves this belief absolutely wrong. However, one thing you should consider when getting on your bike is to check your saddle for a proper fit to avoid undue pressure on the sensitive spots.

This study shows instead of causing harm bike riding is proved to increase sexual behavior in men while this study explains how biking can increase sexual desire in women.

9. May Lower The Risk of Parkinson’s Disease:

The bike riding benefits include reduced risk of Parkinson’s Disease. A recent study illustrates that regular exercise can decrease the chances of PD in men. There is a requirement of 20 hours per week of physical exercise to experience the benefits. This means that bike riding at 10 – 12 mph every week for 3 hours only may be able to lower the risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

10. Boosts Happiness & Self-Esteem: 

If you are a rider then you will be well aware of all those good feelings you experience after a workout. This is because of the release of endorphins in the brain following physical exertion. A pilot study shows that only 20 min of exercise can elevate the mood for up to 12 hours. To achieve the good feeling all you need to raise your heart rate to 112 beats per min when you are riding.

Almost everyone knows the fact that exercise can prominently improve your self-esteem because of the release of feel-good hormones.

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