A new bicycle seat for a child by  Bellelli,  model  Tiger Relax , mounted on a frame with an adjustable angle of inclination.
This unique seat, made of high-quality, light and durable material, is perfect for any bicycle trip. The soft lining will provide your child with comfort while you can safely indulge in pleasant physical activity.
The TIGER RELAX seat is equipped with a safety lock that protects your child from falling off the bicycle. Quick attachment and detachment of the child is possible thanks to the use of modern buckles. The seat belts can be adjusted, as well as the footrests, so that the TIGER RELAX seat “grows” with your child and can be used for a long time. The wide footrests effectively protect against contact with the wheels, and their height can be constantly adjusted.

  • A bicycle seat intended for transporting children weighing less than 22 kg, aged 1-7 years
  • Designed for installation on bicycles with 26 ” – 28 ” wheels
  • The seat is attached to the frame under the saddle with a special handle
  • The height of the seat backrest can be adjusted in the range of 47-54 cm, thanks to which the seat grows with the child
  • Smooth adjustment of the backrest angle and the height of the seat
  • Lightweight, durable shell, easy to clean, non-toxic
  • Soft lining that is easy to wash
  • Safety buckle, quick on and off (with both hands) – low probability that the child will unfasten the seat belts by himself
  • Adjustable footrests
  • High, safe armrests
  • Fully adjustable seat belts
  • A comfortable space for a child
  • High, safe side walls
  • Wide side guards protect the child’s legs
  • Contoured headrest with an opening for a helmet
  • Easy, quick assembly and disassembly of the seat
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: orange-black (sahara), orange rug

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