MAMMA CANGURA – A quantum leap in comfort and safety! Our motto is not just meaningless words – it is based on facts and true commitment. Mamma Cangura, by Bellelli, is a brand built on experience, safety and responsibility, a success story born from a true passion for excellence. A world leader, well-known for the design of child bicycle carriers and trailers, Bellelli’s company goals and mission have always been top quality and distinction. Our on-going success is rooted in our values and built on extensive investment in R&D; a wonderful story now continuing with the Mamma Cangura brand. Thanks to our experience, responsibility, enthusiasm and attention, our child bicycle carriers and trailers offer our young customers the best and safest products on the market. Advanced technology, quality, endurance, outstanding safety and highest comfort are our defining features blended with unique Italian elegance and design.

Mamma Cangura is a brand built on experience, safety and responsibility, a success story born from a true passion for excellence. That is why Mamma Cangura was the first Italian company to produce TUV-GS approved child bicycle carriers. A quantum leap in comfort and safety! All Mamma Cangura products are 100% made in Italy and 100% made of certified non-toxic materials. 

Equipped with a user-friendly vice, TIGER CLAMP can be fitted on any parcel rack in a flash. One of the most sophisticated child bicycle carriers on the market, it includes cutting-edge safety and comfort features, like height-adjustable ergonomic backrest, integrated helmet slot, five-point height-length-depth adjustable safety belts to mention just a few. TIGER CLAMP comes with many accessories and innovative colors and is the market leader and top-of-the-line child carrier: innovative, resistant, safe, comfortable, versatile and stylish…

Specific Advantages and Features 

  • Non-toxic certified plastic frame, lightweight, resistant and washable.
  • Height-adjustable backrest (8 cm – 3.1”) to accommodate growth.
  • Swiftly fits any parcel racks: width from 120 to 190 mm (4.7” to 7.5”) – Note: parcel rack must be certified for 25 Kg. .
  • Integrated helmet slot
  • Soft, removable and washable seat-pad.
  • Childproof, parent-friendly safety buckle with two depth settings in the center of the seat. Only one hand is needed to fasten and release it.
  • road footrests height-settings range: 15 cm – 5.9”. Length-adjustable foot straps (4 positions)
  •  Five-point height/length/depth-adjustable safety belts. Two shoulders height slots.
  • Wide and comfortable seat.
  • High sideboards to increase child support and containment.
  • Wider and safer legs/feet side protection to avoid any contacts with wheel spokes.
  • Certified for children weighing up to 22 kg / 48.5 lbs. .
  • Meets or exceeds the ASTM – F1625.00 Standard

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