Bicycle Brands

Largest selection of bikes in Ottawa.

Whether you’re looking for a road bike, a comfort cruiser, or even a unicycle, we carry every kind of bicycle you can think of, including electric and folding bikes. With one of the largest bike inventories in the city, we cater to recreational and competitive cyclists of all ages. We stock mountain bikes, comfort cruisers, road bikes, fixed gear bikes, hybrids, touring bikes, unicycles, tricycles, BMX bikes, as well as all the parts and accessories that go with them.  Looking for something in particular? Give us a call and we’ll help you find it.

Road Bicycles

Race | Touring | Hybrid |Cyclocross

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist, weekend warrior, or a serious commuter, we stock a range of road bikes in a variety of sizes that will fit your body and your budget.  Our road bike selection includes everything from aggressive race inspired carbon bikes to ultra versatile gravel grinders.   We carry Marin, Opus, Brodie, Cinelli, Scott, Raleigh, and many more brands. If you don’t see the bike you want on our showroom, ask us about us special orders.

Cruisers & Comfort Bikes

Cruiser | Hybrid | Comfort

Express your individual style. Comfortable and customizable, cruisers are intended for casual city biking and for those who want to stand out with a smooth ride. We purposefully stock a limited amount of cruisers so that our customers know they’re purchasing something exclusive. We’re a preferred Electra dealer, and carry a variety of cruiser models. Come by the shop early spring to see the latest models.

Mountain Bikes

Off-road | MTB | City

A rugged mountain bike will allow you to explore the trails of Gatineau Hills, Mississippi Valley, South March Highlands, and anywhere your next adventure takes you.  Mountain bikes also make great commuter bikes if you need to get where your going no matter what the road, trail, or path throws your way. Come see our selection of mountain bikes from Marin, Apollo, Scott, Raleigh and more great brands.


Race | Street | Dirt Jump|

Wether you are at the track, in the park, or sessioning your favourite street spot, we have a BMX bike here to fit the bill. We stock Intense, Sunday, Subrosa, STLN, and many other BMX brands.  We also cary a selection of BMX accessories to make your ride as unique as you are.

Fixed Gear & Single Speed

Track | Fixie | Single Speed

In the last decade fixed gear bikes have moved out of the velodromes and into the streets.  Fixed gears are a popular choice for those who need a bike that is reliable and low maintenance.  We stock a variety of fixed gear bikes and accessories to personalize your ride.  If you need a reliable low maintenance ride, but fixed gear is not your thing, we also cary a selection of single speed bikes.  Single speed bikes offer all the benefits of a fixed gear while giving the rider a chance to coast when they need a break.