10 Awesome Benefits of Riding a Bike:

JUNE, 2020
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Bike riding has tremendous advantages plus it is so much fun especially at this time of year when the weather is so pleasant. In an ideal situation, everyone would ride to work on their own bike without using any gas, without getting tied up in heavy traffic, and burning a few additional calories as well.

June 3rd is celebrated as World Bicycle Day. Being in the biking month we are here to pour some light on the benefits of riding a bike so that many more people get motivated to opt for this enjoyable mode of exercise and transport.

The long term positive effects of bike riding are listed below:

10 Awesome Benefits of Bike Riding:

1. Saves Time:

Riding a bike is the most convenient way of reaching a destination in Downtown Ottawa (depending the distance) on time because there is no chance of getting stuck in traffic or wait for a means of public transport on a busy day. Cycling saves your time as well as save you from the troubles one can get while choosing a bus or car for going to work, meeting or an appointment. 

2. Enhances Navigation Skills:

During this era of internet and technology, most of us have become dependent on the internet even for getting directions. Cycling gives a chance to move around the city without the internet and boost our navigation skills and also increase knowledge of the area you live in.

Also, joy riding allows you to discover new places, routes and scenery in your city that you may not have seen in your car!

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3. Physical Advantages:

  • No burden on joints: Riding a bike is a very low impact sport. In comparison to walking and running, all the bodyweight is on pelvis bone when sitting on the bike, whereas in walking body weight lies on the legs which may cause joint pain especially in people with arthritis and age-related rigidity.
  • Pedalling Aerobics: Pushing pedals is a kind of aerobic exercise that is very beneficial for your heart and blood vessels. It also releases endorphins which makes you feel good and lively.
  • Muscle building: When you pedal, you use various muscles such as gluteus, buttocks, quadriceps, flexor, hamstrings. You abdominal muscles are used to balance to stay up straight. Similarly, arm and shoulder muscles are responsible to hold the handlebar and steer. Regular exercise develops the muscles to become stronger day by day.
  • Bone development: When the pedal is pushed the muscles on bones are used, and increases bone density making them healthier, stronger and more fit for everyday life.

4. Anti-Ageing Effects:

If you;ve ever noticed an active person’s skin, they often have fresh and glowing skin. The reason behind the healthy and young skin the regular cyclists is the increased blood flow to the body which helps to provide more nutrients to the skin cells which eventually makes them look younger than their age!

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5. Increases Social Circle:

When thinking of cycling it doesn’t occur to anyone that it’s a very sociable sport. But there are a lot of bike riding clubs in every area of the worldand especially in Ottawa! There is a high chance of meeting like-minded people who can become friends in no time.

Also, biking is an easy, low-impact activity fit for almost anyone and can be an outing with friends and family. There are some great places to visit, and tour on your bike in Ottawa.

6. Effects on The Human Brain:

  • Brain fertilizer: riding a bike makes us feel good by increasing the blood flow to not only the brain but to the entire body. Pumping more blood means more nutrients and oxygen will be provided to organs that will make them grow healthier, function efficiently and repair perfectly.
  • Cognitive effects: Better nourishment of the brain leads to the faster-thinking process, finer perceiving, logical reasoning and superior planning. Bike riding may also be helpful in treating children with attentiondisorders.
  • Emotional benefits: Bike riding releases powerful chemical compounds  (neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine. These chemicals are also found to be in medicines used to treat depression and anxiety. Serotonin is a “happy hormone” and dopamine is responsible for the blissful feelings whereas epinephrine store memories in the subconscious mind. A study proved that cycling can decrease the level of a chemical (cortisol) in patients of depression resulting in a decrease in depressive symptoms.

7. Improves Sleep:

One of the most important health benefits of cycling is the improvement in sleep quality. Only 20 to 30 mins of bike riding can increase the sleeping time by an hour and can reduce the time to fall asleep by up to half an hour. If someone is suffering with sleeping issues then riding a bike and getting exercise may be a great option!

8. Burns Calories:

Bike riding is the great fat burning exercise especially when the heart rate is accelerating. Fat starts to burn at 65%-75% of the maximum heart rate of the rider. This heart rate is achieved when the cycling is done above the comfortable pace. In addition to this, cycling increases the metabolism which helps in losing extra calories.

9. Money-Saver:

Cycling is probably the cheapest ride. The practice of choosing a bike over a car for a few times in a week can save you a lot of money.

10. Biking in Times of Covid-19:

Cycling can give a boost to the immune system resulting in a healthier and stronger body that can fight any kind of viruses (e.g.COVID-19) and ailments (e.g.cancer). Amidst Covid-19 cycling has emerged as a resilient way to combat the current crisis and spend more time outside while also improveing our health. Biking is providing a critical lifeline. During COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for cycling has raised to 150%. Firstly,  cycling is effecting positively by improving the quality of urban air by reducing greenhouse gases. A study shows that there are 15% increased risk of fatality from COVID-19 in areas with dense air pollution. The second vital role of cycling is playing in these hard times is that it is responsible to enhance the health of the population by keeping the cyclists fit.

bike riders with masks on covid 19

These awesome reasons to ride a bike will hopefully motivate you to start cycling or if you are already into bike riding, stick to this healthy yet enjoyable sport. Cycling is a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily life to keep you fit and active. This is a perfect time to bring cycling into your life and experience the tremendous advantages which come along. Have a look at stores to get an idea of the bike options like Foster’s sports centre where you can walk in on any day, check out some bikes and walk out with a new bike. We are serving the local bicycle community for over 50 years and have had the pleasure of outfitting entire families with bicycles and sporting equipment.